Module One Forum: Article/Video Reviews

FLYP – An Amazing Multimedia Online Magazine

When I saw the link for FLYP, I honestly thought that I was going to find an online news magazine with a sprinkling of video/audio clips. Boy was I wrong! FLYP is truly a multimedia experience for readers. This online magazine is published biweekly and explores a great range of topics. From politics and technology, to arts and entertainment, anyone can find an article that suits their interests.  The site’s video explains that people enjoy reading physical magazines for the well-crafted articles, as well as flipping through pages to find stunning photography. As not to lose the feel of holding a magazine, I appreciate how the site lets you flip the pages, rather than sites in which you continuously scroll down through the articles. A current article “Under the Sea” focuses on the first camera that captures images of ocean depths never explored. The article has text, audio clips from the inventor herself, as well as actual video footage from the camera on the ocean floor. I found the quality of the film and photos to be spectacular. Those who work at this site really seem to realize the importance of the reading experience as well as people connecting with the subject of the article. FLYP can capture anyone’s interest and keep him or her coming back for more.

Video: Wearable TechPattie Maes: Unveiling game-changing wearable        

This piece of technology seems to do more than I ever thought would be possible. The video asserts that in order to be truly connected to the information that is out there for us to use, today’s cell phones do not cut it. Instead of going to your cell and using the browser application, imagine looking at an object and seeing information about it at that very instant. In its current design, the device features a camera, projector, and mirror, all of which you wear around your neck. Your fingers act as sensors to focus and manipulate the physical objects around you. The video shows a man finding Amazon book reviews simply by picking up a book of his choice. If you need the time, you draw a watch on your wrist. If you want to capture something you see, just make the motion of taking a photo. However, that’s not all—because you can project your information onto any surface, it truly becomes accessible all of the time.

School 2.0 and Understanding by Design NECC 2009

In this video, Chris O’Neal has one overarching point: the students in today’s classroom are more technologically savvy than ever before. In fact, he says that they probably know more about technology than their teachers.  Chris challenges the viewers by asking, “Where is the marriage between student 2.0 and the traditional classroom?”  The video references, a site that features a collection of resources regarding technology and professional development. He points out the stark differences of opinion between staff and students on technology issues such as myspace and wikipedia. Teachers see these things as not valuable whereas students see them as part of the learning experience. O’Neal references a girl who posts wonderful writings on her online accounts, but does not bring this same fervor to school assignments because she knows that it is just for a grade, not for her own real life experiences. Overall, this video points out that the future of teaching will be for educators to embrace technology, and allow students to become the creators in their own learning process.

Common Threads:

Although my three sources are fairly different in content, I think that the overall message is that society should embrace the new wave of technology that is rapidly approaching. All three encourage people (consumers, students, teachers) to dive in and explore the countless possibilities that await us. The cutting edge technology available should truly make everyone take a step back and realize that it is possible to be a part of this change. Each source is designed as a means for people to create their own experiences with technology, both in school and in their personal lives. These videos convince us that in order to take advantage of the opportunities that await, we must step out of our comfort boxes and test out new strategies.

My thoughts on Teaching and Learning Technologies

I must say that I found many of the articles and videos to be interesting. Out of the three that I chose, I feel I gained the most from School 2.0 and FLYP.  School 2.0 made many valid points that I see on a daily basis, as many teachers do not see the value in students participating in social networking sites. As an English teacher, I embrace any opportunity for my students to write! I feel that writing skills and furthermore, student confidence, would increase if each student had an online account in which they could journal or post creative writings. Although I enjoyed this article, I could not help but think of my students who do not have computers and therefore lack certain technology skills. It would be wonderful if schools truly had access to the technology required to do many of the wonderful things mentioned in this video. I would love to set up a wiki for my students, but due to the socio economic status of those at my school, it would be very difficult. However, if teachers could be provided with media center time on a daily basis, I feel that teachers and students would become stronger in technology based activities. In regards to FLYP, I feel that this could pave the way for many school newspapers. This is a great model of where journalism is heading, and could trigger the interest of many students, not just those who want to write.  In terms of research and current event activities, students would love to sign onto this site and actually be motivated to participate. Overall, I did not know that such technologies were in place, and as a teacher, I do feel that information about this at professional development workshops would be invaluable.


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