Tell a Story in 5 Frames with Flickr

I think that this activity could be used to promote literacy across all ages. One of the things that the Children’s Literature class taught me was that you can still have a great story without using words. Through this class, I found many great picture books that put the creativity on you, the reader. Using this activity, elementary school children can be as creative as they want with the plot of their story, they simply have to look at the pictures and take it from there. With the help of a parent (taking the pictures), they can document anything—tea parties with stuffed animals, birthday parties, favorite holidays, etc. This is a great way to capture little children’s interest in creating, and I think it will help them be stronger creative thinkers in the long run. For middle school and high school children, this is a great way to teach plot structure. As students work to create their own photo stories, it highlights the importance of each story having a beginning, middle, and an end. From these basics, you could then get into the importance of character, setting, and all of the other literary elements that make up a story. As the grade/difficulty levels increase, you can expand the number of frames in the story, adding detail and depth. This could culminate in a lengthy visual story accompanied by a written story that is several pages long. This approach to the assignment targets the kids who love to write, and the kids who love creating by means of photography/artwork. In the end, I think that this is a great way for students to approach writing through a new outlet. Kids, no matter what age, enjoy getting their hands in something, and will no doubt experience pride from seeing the things that they created.

Please check out my Story in 5 Frames


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