Skype (Activity Thread)

It might sound corny, but I really enjoy Skype! Skyping with Maggie and Christine was extremely easy– we had a 3 way call minus the video capability. Before we conference called, Christine and I video skyped together. I was very surprised at the quality of the sound– I thought it would be full of static and of poor volume quality. The sound was great and the video was very clear. I wanted to try Skype before our session, so I had my sister (in NY) create an account…. I fear that I have created a monster. We have skyped almost every night since, and my parents now “butt in” to our call. They couldn’t believe that we could see each other– my father referenced The Jetsons and was truly amazed.

Skype an Author sounds awesome– what a great way for kids to get face time with authors. This would be a wonderful means to introduce the book to the class, especially if the author is able to read a few pages. I think that students would always remember that they “met” someone famous and would consider it an overall fun experience. I cannot wait to use it when I work in a School Library. Unfortunately the authors that I personally teach to my 9th graders are not participating in this program. Based on the numerous success stories on the website, I think that “more recognized” authors (or those who wrote texts that are commonly used in high schools) should definitely consider joining. In the article Why Skype Is The Most Valuable Tool I Use the author uses Skype to answer student questions after school is out. Overall I think this is an interesting idea and would like to mold this to suit my own purposes/needs.

My Skype ID is lmt409.


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  1. Jarrod on

    Thanks for the mention. Skype is indeed my favourite tool. The reason being is because of its simplicity and its ease of use.
    Having Virtual Guestspeakers is such an excellent way to boost engagement within the classroom. Recently my students interviewed an artic explorer while he was in the middle of a trip across the greenland ice caps.

    To put it simply….skype just works…

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