My Favorite Social Networking Tool (Google Doc Activity)

Out of all of the tools we reviewed this module, I think that Diigo was my favorite. I truly see myself using Diigo in my classroom, as well as passing it along to other staff members. 

I find Diigo to be the most useful tool for me because you can research, collaborate, and share, all on one platform. I love how you can mark up articles of interest and save them for later access. In my past experience I have bookmarked certain articles only to find at a later date that they had been deleted. The fact that they are permanently saved on Diigo is a wonderful feature. Aside from this, I like how organized you can be on Diigo. You can bookmark articles, save them to lists, as well as label them with tags. All of this offers a convenient way for you to find your articles when needed. Overall, Diigo makes the research process in general very manageable.

Furthermore, I love the fact that Diigo offers Diigo Educator. Here, teachers can register student emails, set them up into groups so they can collaborate, as well as set privacy settings so it is only your students that are reviewing certain resources/participating in the collaboration. I wish I had known about Diigo before I did the Research Projects with my students earlier this year. However, now that I do know about it, I fully intend to explore this feature while doing Research next year. 

In closing, Diigo is useful because it is one tool that does a variety of things. I will certainly use Diigo in the future, both in my professional and personal life. I hope that this inspires you to check out Diigo and see if it has a place in your life!


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